This song was another that I was trying to portray how I was feeling inside my own mind in the beginning, trying to bring forth with my sound! It started out a very simple song because what I was originally doing with my hands on the guitar was fairly easy to do, although of course, the lyrics had to be ones that everyone could possibly associate with themselves in some way. 

In the beginning, meaning after its original release I was a bit worried that the song would not be liked and people actually think that it was too bland! That because of how the genre of music has changed so much that it wasn’t one that would have any good return! Although now after the release of ‘One’ on May 1st, 2013, and the countless comments I’ve received from my fans of how this song, in particular, was one of their favorites! I’ve realized that what I’d chosen to use as my examples of why someone would feel lost and wasted away worked really well together! … DG