Sea of Green was written while remembering the beauty of the forest as well as the damage that we have caused! You see, While beginning to heal from my Traumatic Head Injury my memories were sometimes hard to differentiate between fact and fiction in my mind,, but there was no mistaking the memories of what I had seen while working in Silva-culture in western Canada, when we’d fly to our work-sites and in every direction you could see it was cut, how disgusting the emptiness of what we had done was!

In our work, We were spraying around the newly planted trees so the underbrush would not overtake the ‘sapling’ and kill it before having become a vibrant healthy tree! Replanting is a great start for us to replenish what we have done but the huge cuts we have done are hard on the eyes to see!

When hearing this song, I wanted people to have thoughts come to their minds of what it is really like in our forests! Both the beauty and the damage so perhaps it will make a difference with our actions, even if only a little!
Both the song itself as well as the picture-frame video for Sea of Green were initially released in 2013 by Asylum Productions while in contract with the label!

Now we are proud to be re-releasing under DG Records.