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    1. David Guitard

      Thanks so much Lila, very kind words! I’m quite please with the outcome of my site, with an extremely skilled team now handling things on the marketing end!
      Now we’ll make sure that my music is easily available to purchase ?!! I do Look forward to hearing from you again… … DG

  1. Merlin Durham

    Congratulations Dave, The site is Amazingly awesome with lots of info. Thanks for sharing sending you positive vibes. The Future for the entertainment/ music industry is looking positive with the help of your company/label.. Thanks so much Merlin

    1. David Guitard

      Those are very uplifting words Merlin, thank you so much! With my own works as well, including upcoming works,, it will also truly be an honor adding positivism while helping other artists share their great music as well! Blessings… … DG

  2. Shawn Hager

    Congrats on your grand opening David. Love to work with you on a project together someday. Here is my you tube channel to see the work I have done in the past . Let’s do something in the future your friend Shawn / aka / Sonic Rip~Pin.

    1. David Guitard

      Thanks so much Gerri, I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people behind/beside me through all of this!
      A thought just came to my mind, ‘success is what you make it’,, well we are all working extremely hard to make this success-(ful)! Blessings.. .. DG

  3. Sally J. Morgan

    Very nice David. My congratulations to you. May your 2019 be your best year ever. Best of luck.