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I am David Guitard and I am a musician!I was on EI and had started playing my guitar! I had been a singer all my life. I remember singing onContinue readingAbout Me

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My Story Throughout the many tough years of healing from my traumatic head injury, there was something inside me, a spark that started a fire that has never been putContinue readingDG Blog

Introducing my new release

With Eyes Wide Open

Check it out NowIntroducing my new release

N1M Charts / Week 30

Would like to welcome “FELLYDEE” to our roaster

Would like to welcome “Bumpy Barns” to our roster

DG Music Ratings April 26, 2019, 9:30 am

DG Music Ratings April 19, 2019, 9:30 am

DG Music Ratings April 17, 2019, 8:30 am

Grand Opening of DG Records

Our team is proud to share with you what was first Officially Announced on


          >>>>> GRAND OPENING <<<<< 

Start of operations for

 “””” DG Records “””” 

Starting with the re-release of —>   ‘ONE’   <— which is the first retail album from our CEO, (Professional Recording Artist), David Guitard AKA DG! Please visit his new Platform & Official Website to both read more about everything he has achieved or to purchase his album! Actually with an ability to purchase a couple of wanted singles or the whole album at a discount price!!

Re-Release Album “ONE”

Grand Opening

Re-Release Album “ONE”

So Beautiful

So beautiful when we, fortunately, discover precisely that extraordinary person in our social lives whom we affectionately know is precisely that perfect match for us!
No social matter the appropriate age we are invariable. Responsible people are lovely in our luminous eyes and in our passionate hearts, they mean everything to us!
It doesn’t matter what these loved ones look like on the outside, all those who love unconditionally them naturally grasp the whole picture and undoubtedly distinguish them for whom they are precise.
It’s genuinely momentous to wisely empower those we passionately love to know intimately, that they are naturally oh So Beautiful!
  •     So Beautiful
Purchase for
$2.45 CAD



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