This song was originally released on my first retail album ‘One’ by Asylum Productions, it was written not long after my Traumatic Head Injury because of thoughts in my own mind trying to make sense of how things were for me! It’s easily heard in this song what I was going through in my own life…

At the time I could hardly speak to someone normally or better yet communicate with anyone in a normal manner while also at the time not really knowing anyone whom I should have! This was also the case with family members, it was not just remembering their names but knowing anything about what kind of relationship I had had with them, my own family! Besides this, I really didn’t remember any details regarding all that I had done in my life, there was nothing I could do to remember any of it, including years of education, memories of family vacations, and or even any part of life with my Dad before he had passed away from cancer when I was 11 years old! It was a very scary time in my mind not knowing, just not knowing.. many things that I of course did not express or discuss with others!

So it of course came out in my music, although it had to be written so that it impacted and reached other people! At that time of course writing lyrics wasn’t my best forte although I do believe that I did get what I was trying to say across in my song! … DG

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