I am David Guitard and I am a musician!
I was on EI and had started playing my guitar! I had been a singer all my life. I remember singing on stage in front of the town of Jacquet River when I was only five years old. I had tried playing the guitar a couple of times and it did not stick. In BC though after picking it up again, I was hooked. I was playing it eight hours a day and did this for about a month and a half and started writing a couple of songs.
I awoke in Victoria General Hospital after ten days in a coma. I had a traumatic head injury and was lucky to still be here! I was not the same person at all! I had to heal and let my brain remember, which took a long time to do. But I had my guitar, which my friend had gone to my home and gotten my guitar for me to have in the hospital!

After the injury, I began to play which is what I did, all day, every day and I had started writing music as well! My songs were about many different things, different than most because all I was doing was unique finger-picking. I had completed ten songs which I recorded myself on my computer and then made a CD.

I had started selling my CD’s and getting signatures from people. I started singing at local clubs, driving my musical producer around and singing wherever he had gigs. Recorded my CD in the professional studio he had in partnership with someone else!

Eventually finished my CD after almost a year. My songs are about different things, which affected so many people around the world including myself, one song on my CD is called “Twin Towers”, I have another which after remembering the deforestation that I had seen while working in silva-culture wrote a song I called “Sea of Green”! This was because I remembered us flying to our worksites and in every direction as far as you could see everything was cut. The songs I wrote them to impact people in many ways. To have them feel when they listen to my music!
I am presently known by thousands of people as a musician and the story continues…
I have a love for music from all sorts of genres. I plan to make music for everyone to love and enjoy for decades to come! I have always had a very strong and powerful voice which helps people visualize what I am singing about and has people wanting to hear more! My voice has the quality of being able to touch people in a profound way! I can reach a wide audience of people who want to hear something new.

Sea Of Green

I have written everything I have completed myself and continue to do so! I believe it would be quite a while before I won’t have something in me that want’s to come out! It has been quite an interesting life until now!
I have been working extensively to be recognized as a professional musician that can sell music across Canada, the U.S., Europe, the UK. I Have produced a video for “Twin Towers” off my professional indie CD and continue to record the works that I finish! “Dream of Lightning” for instance, where I have, I believe eight different videos of the progression of how it became a completed song. I am currently working on a new song right now. 
I like to listen to Nick Flavel who I think is a great musician. CCR, The Eagles, Def Leppard, Guns and Roses, Metalica, U2, The Tragically Hip being my favorite band, Nickelback is a great band, Pearl Jam, Our Lady Peace, Matchbox Twenty, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Blue Rodeo, John Couger Mellancamp, Bob Dylan and there are so many more that I loved to listen.

I will say that many things have influenced my music. The way I was feeling about things that happened in my life and the things that were happening around me! The situations that I went through were so influential that they really had a substantial impact on me and my music! With my education, work experience, the places that I have lived, and the tragedy that I have gone through. Also, the way that people have felt about things that are happening around them which is what has happened with one of my new songs “Dream of Lightning,” where someone I know was in the apartment next to mine and lightning struck close to him on the balcony and knocked him back into the apartment. It was the loudest thunder crack that I have ever heard, and I wanted to write a song about the lightning.

At home, I am casually dressed. When I am out on the town, I am clean, professional, stylish.

Thank you for reading and I hope that I have intrigued you, that you become someone that I will have as a friend or fan!