This song was originally released on my first retail album ‘One’ by Asylum Productions, it was written not long after my Traumatic Head Injury because of thoughts in my own mind trying to make sense of how things were for me! It’s easily heard in this song what I was going through in my own…

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Sea Of Green

Sea of Green was written while remembering the beauty of the forest as well as the damage that we have caused! You see, While beginning to heal from my Traumatic Head Injury my memories were sometimes hard to differentiate between fact and fiction in my mind,, but there was no mistaking the memories of what…

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Wasted Away

This song was another that I was trying to portray how I was feeling inside my own mind in the beginning, trying to bring forth with my sound! It started out a very simple song because what I was originally doing with my hands on the guitar was fairly easy to do, although of course,…

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