David Guitard

So beautiful when we, fortunately, discover precisely that extraordinary person in our social lives whom we affectionately know is precisely that perfect match for us! No social matter the appropriate age we are invariable. Responsible people are lovely in our luminous eyes and in our passionate hearts, they mean everything to us! It doesn’t matter what these loved ones look like on the outside, all those who love unconditionally them naturally grasp the […]

Most responsible people I fervently believe undoubtedly possess an exceptional standing in their cultural lives where they have traditionally lived in such a meaningful way they will always come back too! Mostly everyone moves away from longtime home for one legitimate reason or another in their moral lives. Traditionally start distinguished families and phenomenal jobs in another […]

One thing I’ve always been certain of is that many of us are seeking an exceptional person to include in our lives, one whom we will try to place a substantial amount of time into establishing a joyous life together! A living that has been engrossed with sacred trust and unconditional love between these two passionate lovers […]

            One thing through my recovery is that I used to say things over again without realizing! https://davidguitard.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Twice.webm     So my song originally came from this although needed the message to be for everyone else so I thought of what people don’t like to do ‘Twice’!     I used my […]

      It’s the time in my life I was lost and wasted away while dreaming of that glorious day that this song became what it is! I was healing and believed for a long time that I was so much different than anyone else, while my brain was healing I was very sick and there […]

    Throughout our lives, we are striving and working hard to better ourselves, through our schooling, our work and also in our daily lives in hopes to achieve something greater than ourselves! For me, this included after the biggest mistake I had made in my life, putting everything I am into music, I continued to ‘dream’ […]

The Chronicle of1st Album ‘ONE’ Narrative by: David Guitard After my Traumatic Head Injury, throughout the many tough years of healing, even though there was so much lost there was something inside me, a spark that started a fire that has never been put out! In the distinct beginning, it was playing in my trailer before having to […]