The Chronicle of
1st Album 'ONE'

Narrative by: David Guitard

After my Traumatic Head Injury, throughout the many tough years of healing, even though there was so much lost there was something inside me, a spark that started a fire that has never been put out! In the distinct beginning, it was playing in my trailer before having to move in the first of two special care homes which I continued playing and singing to everyone who would listen..

Throughout my stay! Even after experiencing epileptic seizures and even though they weren’t supposed to, they would allow me to produce my guitar in the hospital psych ward through my stay while recovering! I‘d play for everyone, everywhere who would want to listen! Even when I barely possessed any skill, performing similar songs over and over! Also working on my vocals almost every week singing Karaoke for years to gain fans & the thousands of hours performing this is what persevered me pushing myself to heal. All this time I had always planned to have my songs recorded and released professionally. It wasn’t just a dream but something etched into my soul needs to be accomplished!

 I would help him unload and reload his equipment, at his own gigs, and with his brother around Northern NB! Undertaking this for a year, throughout it all I did have the chance to usually sing a couple of songs, and the club patrons rocking when I would belt out songs like New Orleans is Sinking from my favorite Canadian band, The Tragically Hip!

At that point, my first full-length album was recorded at Hometown Studios. It had taken so much to achieve this after the years of healing and struggle. Through thisI knew what I had wanted and did  everything I had to so that I could achieve it! Without financial abilities, I agreed with the co-owner of Hometown Studios, who was additionally the DJ running the karaoke. 

In Feb. 2012, after nine years of healing, living in care homes, and the almost daily routine of picking up my guitarmy neuro-psychologist told me that my brain had healed 100%, and it was not long after this that I again started to use the internet! Promoting and marketing myself online became immensely important. Daily from morning till night! Eventually, I was played on 100+ internet radio stations and even had been interviewed by a few of these besides also joining every music site that I could and marketing the songs that I had recorded. 

Next, in November, I was contacted by the owner of Asylum Productions from my Myspace account, who told me that he really liked my sound! After a couple of weeks of discussion between us both, I was told that he wanted to sign me to his label for a year, contract, and release my album professionally! To me, it was my dream starting to become reality!

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